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Tequa, Angel of Balance


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Tequa, The Angel of Balance
Bronze sculpture on marble base. Limited, numbered edition.
32”H x 18”W

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The Angel of Balance journal is a companion book that is included with the purchase of the bronze sculpture of Tequa.

Excerpt from the story
A Journal of an Angel’s Journey

By Wray Ardan & Steven Lee Smeltzer

Being the Angel of Balance is a most honorable position. My awareness of this began all at once, long ago and faraway (as well as right here and now!).

I must admit, in my beginnings I did not grasp, emotionally, the purpose of my existence, what it truly meant to have this grand destiny bestowed on me; I blissfully “was” and I simply wandered.  My fate was not in question; just being was such a full experience in and of itself.  Then, for reasons unknown to me, while in mid-intuiting I fluttered my wings ever so slightly.  My path then changed in hidden — and not so hidden — ways.

To you, I say life is a magnificent journey to be enjoyed!  To us in the more luminous of vibrations, we refer to it as love –- love is a magnificent journey!

Oh Divine intervention!  We are everywhere — you are everywhere!  How I adore getting caught up in the poetic energy of humans’ words!

This journal chronicles the events that brought me to my destiny; it is my gift to you, in hopes that you too will be open to the mysterious, and at times ominous, forces that guide us all.


   Tequa, the Angel of Balance

Sample of art from the book The Angel of Balance


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