Maui Artist Steven Lee Smeltzer

Popular Collections

The Sea of Smeltzer

Dive in and enjoy the Sea of Smeltzer Located 20 degrees left 30 degrees south of an obscure state of mind.

Critters on land

Steven’s world is a wild place from roller skating elephants & dancing giraffes to flying pigs, kissing frogs, & colorful geckos.

Human critters

Critter – noun, a person of a particular kind. Steven Smeltzer – a person of a particular kind that creates caricatures of chefs, cowboys, beach babes.

Tweaked Beaks

Twerps, Penguoids, Warblers, Chirpies, birds that boogie-woogie & Ostriches on the Run. Find your perfect fine feathered friend.

Maui Artist Steven lee Smeltzer

Live ~ LAUGH ~ Love

Steven Lee Smeltzer

The mind of an artist can be a strange place

Each sculpture reflects Steven’s desire to bring a sense of lightheartedness to all that are willing to indulge in imaginative and fanciful art.

With that said, those of you with a humors state of mind may like to know that no animals, fairies, elves, or aliens were harmed in the making of these sculptures. They are GMO and pesticide free. Certifiably psycho-balanced.

These products are intended to diagnose, treat, and cure or prevent all manner of stodginess, mirthlessness, and related grouchifications brought on by closed synapsis head-syndrome. Keep within reach of the chronically grumpy.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Fun & Done Administration, FDA.

Meet Steven at The Wailea Four Seasons Resort

Artist of Maui Program, Wednesdays from 8:00am-1:30pm




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